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Bespoke gift boxes are all the rage these days. And why not?! They're curated, high end, and downright gorgeous! But at $150 or more, they're also too pricey for the average gift giver. 

What if I told you that the same box could be created for half or even a third of the price? All you need is the right packaging (ahem!) and a little help in the curation department (ahem, ahem!).

Below I've taken inspiration from a (very) high end "artisan" gifting company that I admire very much. 

The contents of their gender neutral Mom-To-Be gift are a bunny lovey, a teething ring, a swaddle blanket, a baby tracking journal and bath salts for mom. Rounding out the gift is packaging that includes a box, fill, a ribbon, gift tag and some greenery. It retails for $167, plus tax.

Below I've curated a very similar gift collection of Amazon products (affliate links below). They're all affordable versions of high end products, design foward, and highly rated in the reviews. I did switch up a few items: I've added a second teething ring and darling bandana bib and removed the baby tracking journal (blah!). The gifts total $52, before tax.

Now all you need is the packaging! That's where I come in. With Castleberry Hill's luxurious tags, ribbons and boxes, we can give these gifts the packaging they deserve. 

I've ordered all these items and they're on their way to me via Amazon Prime. Be on the look out for the big reveal when I put it all together!

Wooden teething rings

Bunny Lovey


Muslin Blanket (in ABC pattern)

Bath soak for Mom  

The most adorable bandana bib (in olive) 


I am an Amazon Associate and these are affliate links to Amazon products.