What can I change on the design?

You can change ALL the text on ALMOST every sticker and tag in the shop. 

I don't offer font changes on my designs. but if you'd like to do a custom design in a particular font, I'm game!

I offer free color changes on the designs that feature a color and/or watercolor chart  if you scroll through the listing pictures


What if I want more changes or something truly unique?

If you have a lot of changes or want something truly unique, just ask. From-scratch designs are $15+ plus the cost of stickers or tags. When I'm super busy, I don't have a lot of time for from-scratch designs, so be sure to plan ahead if you want something from scratch and I'll get you on the schedule. 


What sizes do you offer?

My most common STICKER sizes are:

2 inch round stickers

3 inch round stickers 

2 inch square stickers

2.5 inch square stickers 

3 by 1 inch rectangular sticker 

3.75 by 4 inch stickers 

My most common TAG sizes are:

2.5 inch square gift tags 

4 inch square gift tags 

2 by 3.5 inch gift tags 

2.375 by 4.75 inch gift tags 

I also have a lot of specialty sizes, which can be found here.


Which size do I need?

Use this guide to pick the perfect sticker or tag for your surface. Simply print out the guide, cut out the size you're considering and lay the cut out template against the surface it will be placed on (gable box, water bottle, favor bag, mason jar, etc.). It's a great way to visualize and make sure you're ordering the right size.

If you don't have access to a printer, that's fine--a simple ruler will do! This same process can also be done by simply measuring and cutting out a slip of paper to the dimensions of the sticker or tag you're considering. 

What is the timeline for my order?

Once you order, I will print and ship your order in 5-7 business days. Transit times for USPS are 3-7 days and for UPS Ground are 2-3 days.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't offer rush processing. Items often do take the full turnaround time to proof, print and ship. That means two weeks or more will likely pass before your order arrives. I urge customers to keep this in mind when ordering items. If you upgrade to UPS 2-3 day at checkout, it will shave a day or two off shipping time, but a shipping upgrade does not purchase rushed proofing or printing, though it does alert me to the time sensitive nature of your order.


A word about choosing colors:

I offer a huge variety of colors for you to mix and match. Here's my advice: Be careful about mixing shades that are too similar for background and text. For example: A peach shade and a light coral are too similar to print well together. You do need a bit of contrast between your background color and your text color for text to be legible. I print hundreds of different color combinations every week and want to pass on this advice to you so your stickers and tags look as stunning as possible!