So, here's my fairy tale. I fell in love with the most wonderful man and he asked me to marry him. <blush> Cue wedding bells.

The second marriage for us both, I wanted to—and did—keep it simple. Except for one thing. Beautifully designed paper. Save the dates, invitations, response cards, signage, guestbook–I wanted it all and I wanted it to be gorgeous. So I took my decade of experience in printing newspapers and yearbooks and went to work. And I designed and printed my entire wedding suite, down to the last sticker and gift tag.

And something about the stickers just… stuck. They were glossy, high quality, and, unlike anything else wedding-related, they actually made my life easier! Here’s the thing: I wasn’t just a bride at the time—I was a mom, too. And I just knew the quality and ease of this product was something I believed in. 

And from that fated trip down the aisle, Castleberry Hill Studio was born. (Along with 2 adorable babies, I might add!)